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  • It is more a case of more visible than better. You can see big boobs across the room, whereas you can only see small boobs close up, and sometimes only when she has got her clothes off. Big boobs allow visible cleavage. Big boobs can be seen across the room. Men's eyes are dragged, sometimes unwillingly, to such displays. So in a public situation big boobs are sexier, in that they announce their owners sex and, if they are provocativeness, sexiness to many men at the same time. Once you get close and intimate, this advantage is irrelevant. Just as long as they are big enough, and shapely enough, to say "girl, not boy", size doesn't matter. And actually, shape does matter - close to, and out of a bra, small but well-formed boobs beat big floppers any day.
  • There are a few different ways of looking at this phenomenon: First off, there's the "Natural Selection" perspective. In nature, it's only logical for a male to procreate with a mate who's healthy enough to produce quality offspring and hearty enough to nourish them. Therefor, it's natural inclination for men to be attracted to healthily voluptuous women. If anything, the popular trends of considering superficial appearances of thinness attractive (Sometimes even above actual fitness), although it does have some roots in the natural inclination towards wanting a young, physically fit mate, could be considered little more than a widespread perversion. Also, one could explain it fairly easily the way Im Alec did, speaking just from a common-sense/social perspective. As he said, big boobs are more noticeable outside of intimate situations. They aren't necessarily more attractive, but they draw more attention. One important thing to consider when thinking about attraction (Especially in males) is that being sexually attracted to someone and actually wanting to have sex with them can be two very different things. Often, when staring at a woman's boobs, they aren't attracted to her in the slightest, they are literally *Just* attracted to the boobs. When it comes down to the notion of actually sleeping with a woman, I doubt most of the men who are inclined to staring at large breasts would actually be more drawn to that characteristic more than say... A generally good figure or a pretty face or even an attractive personality. In the context of an actual sexual encounter, I think (And I'm sure many men would agree with me) that anything much bigger than a handful is a waste.
  • hi i thought id add a female point of view to a 19 year old with small boobs i am now confident with my body and i think that it is because of this that so many guys find me attractive....i think that celebrities with small boobs such as Debra Messing are unbelievably question is this...if a girl has small boobs but is confident about her body...does this make her confident...and if a girl has small boobs but is shy and embarassed about her body, and stays covered up in bed, would this make her unattractive and not sexy?
  • I don't think that's generally true. Some men are into big boobs, but not all men by an means. I have no preference either way. It's a woman's talent in bed (i.e. does she swallow?) that matters more to me than physical traits. And big boobs get in the way of snuggling close afterward :-)
  • Its the jiggle factor
  • I think this is some bullshit. Back in the 80s and early 90s big tits were the staple of sexiness. At this time I was a young kid, like 1-3rd grade. Now that I'm almost 19 and magically sporting a natural D-cup, everybody on earth keeps going on about small boobs and this ridiculous "all you need is a handful" nonsense. Boobs and handfuls are entirely dependent on the size of the hands! It used to be that having small boobs was something girls were embarrassed about. Now there's so many articles out there making boobless girls feel better about themselves by telling them big boobs are "ugly", "saggy", "gross", or "floppy" that those who actually DO have big boobs through no fault of their own are left to feel inadequate because they don't have the physique of a prepube. I hate society. My tits are not saggy, floppy, gross, dangling, or ugly and you "just-a-handful-of-titty" men suck.
  • I feel no sympathy for boobless and/or waify women. Hollywood is filled with them. They are now the ideal. Little kids are killing themselves to look like sticks. The magazines that say that curvy women are most attractive are the same magazines that have hundreds of pictures of women with tiny little arms and twig legs so I'm not going for it. Even Cosmogirl does it, which is a laugh considering they're supposed to be all about embracing who you are, blah blah. They think they're being accepting of every shape because they show a fat chick in every article posing in some jeans or a one piece in order to "minimize her curves". How is that acceptance? Anyway, I'm not arguing about weight. I'm not fat and I've never been overweight in my life. This was about titties and how mine and Scarlett Johannson's rule.
  • I found it hilarious that "somewhat anonymous" said that all clothes are made for flat chested girls. You've got it wrong, sweetheart. They leave the clothes in the mall for girls like me that have the average bra size in the US....and the one that fit in the average man's hand (34B). I would like to know if big breasts are so "sexy" then why in public places (like malls, stores, restaurants) why are all the big boobed girls always alone or with a group of other large chested girls? They rarely ever have a man at their side. Although they don't deny that they large breasts are nice to look at it from across the room, in XXX movies and they might be fun to see bounce around in bed, my slew of male friends tell me they wouldn't want a serious relationship with a large busted girl because they would feel like a pervert in public and would worry that people would find them "shallow". Besides, we all were saying that back in high school most of the girls with big chests were very hot but never that smart. That must explain why there aren't any large chested doctors or lawyers and why strip clubs are full of large busts. I'm so glad I don't have anything bigger than what I do. I'm smart, make good money, and I get attention from men for all of the right reasons, not just because I'm a D cup. And at least if I get breast cancer, I will be able to detect the lump sooner because I lack all of that extra tissue. So to girls that have anything below a C cup, I don't want to say "be confident" because you don't have to. Just learn to accept your body and it will get easier as you get older and understand how men think. Just remember that even though it many not seem this way but everyone knows you have a lot more to offer. Girls with big breasts are nice to look at, but that's all they are good for and it's a fact, just go observe in the mall.
  • Nah ive always liked a perky b cup size
  • either small or big as long as she gets my attention and d*mn sexy all i can say Man she got me i gotta get her!! first! but i really dont like over huge bobs its like gross to me @_@'

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