• RATING, HIGHEST - The highest rating attained on the officially adopted Elo or FIDE system is 2810, by Garry Kasparov in 1994 (his highest Professional Chess Association rating was 2814). The highest-rated woman player is Judit Polgar, rated 2675 and ranked 7th in the world of all chessplayers. John Penquite achieved the highest USCF postal rating of 2939 in 1992 after winning 58 straight postal games. The highest USCF rating attained is 2825, by Bobby Fischer in 1972. The highest rated chess computer is Deep Blue II, rated at 2705. Anatoly Karpov achieved the highest performance rating of 2985 at Linares 1994 after scoring 11 out of 13 against the world's best players. Ref:
  • I seem to recall Kasparov having a FIDE rating of 2851. Also I believe Fischer's highest USCF was 2814 (nearly equaled in recent times by Smirin's 2812).

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