• Stone Sour & SlipKnot are two good ones : ) Corey Taylor has some very powerful things to say with his songs ; ) ***** Very few people really enjoy SlipKnot's music, but their lyrics are very good And StoneSour isn't always 'metal' as such, but I think you should still check them out : ) They sort of go half half between metal and something else *shrugs*
  • try out ill nino. der lead singer christian machado writes sum very strong emotion lyrics. try How Can I Live and I am Loco. dey have new album ou soon called enigma. go onto utube and listen 2 alibi of tyrants. ps Rock On!!!!!!
  • well if your willing to read between the lines a little bit, Pantera or Throwdown might be some good choices, and i agree with what the other guy said, slipknot is a good choice too, but you kinda have to really listen to get it though.
  • queensryche, fates warning, savatage, dream theater
  • Soil; Avenged Sevenfold; Bullet for my Valentine; and if you get their older music from the Dysfunction CD - Staind can be a very heavy but meaningful metal band. Aaron Lewis is renound for his song writing abilities.
  • Newer metal bands: Coheed & Cambria, Mars Volta Older metal bands: Queesnryche, Iron Maiden, Dream Theater
  • Exodus, Testament, Overkill, and Death Angel
  • Aerosmith

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