• I don't think anybody needs a reason to do that. If the people already involved want a private conversation they made an unfortunate choice of venue when they chose a public forum.
  • If i wanted to comment on something or if I believed something pertaining to the topic strong enough, Those are alright reasons right?
  • Whenever I damn well feel like it :) Really tho, usually if someone's answer is pretty much what I would have said, or better, then I'll just comment to that effect and not put an answer myself
  • If I have something to say to either member involved, most likely if they have some kind of question or something that I can help answer.
  • If I have something to add to that conversation, or if I want to join it I will casually slide into it. :)
  • because I can...because I want to ... because I don't like being ignored... because I want to cheer you up.... because I like you... because you interest me strangely - lol! anyway, I thought these were a public forum... ooops, silly me ;)
  • To compliment on a good answer, to agree with what was said, to disagree with what was said, to get clarification on something, or just to say hi.
  • I do it to piss people off. Yeah, that's it!
  • I am, therefore I barge...
  • Public conversations are public conversations. There is no "barging" in, nor are their "invitations". Anyone can post whenever they want. Private conversations are done in email, IM, or the phone.
  • I don't need a reason or an invitation to enter a comment thread. Like most people here,including yourself, I use comment threads as a means to interact with other members :)
  • I see a fun thread I don't consider it barging in ....I just want to join the fun. I have never stepped in one where I was not welcomed....people love to welcome others.
  • I never think of it as barging in at all. It's more like you are all at a party, and everyone is chatting around the room and you move from one group to another, some people you know better than others, some strangers. But you here a conversation and you listen a bit and join in being polite and that's how you meet people and get to know them. It's not a rude thing. It's called mingling. I occasionally do it and others do it to me. I just think they are being friendly, like at that party. It's so much friendlier to say "Hiya, neighbor" than to think "Who do they think they are!?!?" I mean if I wanted a private conversation I would take it elsewhere than a public website.
  • I join in conversations when I feel I can bring something to it.
  • I don't say anything.....but I don't really care for it when people just join in and change the nature of the thread into a "so what is new? what did you do over the weekend?" and then the other person(s) get into an Instant Message game and it takes up an entire page. It is very disconcerting and makes me want to click on Unsubscribe from Comments.
  • Barge in? I don't think of it that way! That is how this site works. Everyone putting in their two cents and a whole coming out of it.
  • It's not "barging" when it's open to the public, if you want privacy or don't want others to join in..go to IM.
  • I comment when I have something to say (good or bad) about the answer or when I have something to say about one of the comments. Sometimes I will see an answer that is correct and the person who asked the question will mistakenly try to comment and say how the answer is wrong. I feel the need to chime in and back up the answerer as opposed to answering the question with the same answer.
  • Gosh that's an awfully negative way to look at it. I thought this was a public forum where everyone was welcome to answer or comment on any question they choose. In fact I was pretty sure that was kind of the whole point. Am I mistaken?

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