• I think it means that we will always remember when your friends didn't stick up for you, or was there for you.
  • I think it means we will remember those times we needed help from friends and didn't get it more than we will remember harm done to us by our enemies.
  • It means that it is the true test of friendship and character for friends to stick up for you and stand by you when the going gets tough, even when it may not be publicly or politically advantageous. If your so-called friends go silent during times of strife, then they are not 'truly' friends and care more about their own public image and going along with popular opinion, even when wrong, than doing what is right for the general good. True friends will be at your side during the bad times and will stand up to injustice, whether it is popular or not, if it is the right thing to do.
  • It means that the behavior of our ennemies won't harm us that much,we won't care but we will be hurt by our friends'behavior because we care about them and they are supposed to the same.

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