• My bedroom is the most organized, cleanest and destressed. The common room has clutter constantly because no one will pick up their own messes.
  • organized - patio because I am rarely out there disorganized - the rest of the house because I live in it
  • Most of my house is organized. The work room is the most disorganized, and it's a mess.
  • The house is very organized. I am compulsive.....EXCEPT, my computer area. (Good thing I don't have Web Cam). It is like a giant pocketbook.
  • My dining room is the most organized and tidy, because I rarely use it. The room I am in now is the least...It is the spare/computer/storage room. The place where everything that doesn't have a place goes.
  • Organized: Kitchen, Music room (CDs and records broken down to country of release alphabetically) Disorganized: my wardrobe. I know as soon as I close that door, my clothes and shoes throw parties. That's why they're everywhere when I look for something.
  • Many places are organized. But I would say that the kitchen is the best.
  • living room, kitchen. You'll have to guess wich is which.
  • The room I am in right now. My dad likes organization, and he gets it.
  • The spare bedroom is the most disorganized place, it just seems that items that have no other 'home' end up there. The kicthen is the most organized, I just can't handle a chaotic kicthen :)
  • My kitchen is the most organized, I try to keep it organized every day. Most disorganized is my basement. When I moved in, it was almost empty. It has become a 'dumping ground'. In the past 17 years, I have accumulated items from my parents home after they passed away, my daughter's old toys, many of my collectables, clothes that we just can't throw away, old computers, furniture.... I have been spending many hours in the basement in the last month sorting the junk from what I will keep and re-arranging everything so that it looks much neater.
  • most organized: guest bedroom and all linen closets. I have a weird thing about messy linens. Disorganized: game room. I pick it up everynight and every morning I find all the toys back on the floor. New rule as of yesterday. If it is on the floor it is out the door. The charities are going to loveme this year!!

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