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  • I drove around on a Saturday morning naked in my convertible. (And I've gone around numerous times wearing a mini-skirt with no panties on, or in a shear top without a bra). Does that count?
  • Hard to say. I've participated in orgies and gangbangs, and currently I've taught others about sex, hands-on. I've had sex in public, and have been caught at it. I'm a very dirty girl.
  • Would love to share a room with another sexy couple but where would start to look for someone to share it with without having to share partners should you not want to?
    • RebeccaSJ
      Once when I was on tour, I was getting it on with my bf in a hotel room and my brother was making love to one of my backup singers in the other bed.
  • Hey Mesia! Do you have a website or a myspace?
  • um lets see either the time i drank 20 ounces of cum. or the time i sucked off 15 guys in a day. or the time i went into a jerkbooth just to slurp fresh cum off the floor and the window and maybe the time i slurped a load off a sidewalk
  • Well I guess that would be in the eye of the beholder. But once I considered spending a week with an older gentleman in the Dallas area.
  • Gone out dancing without panties, had a hotel orgy in LV and gave hubby road head while our kids were sleeping in the back.
    • RebeccaSJ
      I've given my now hubby head while he was driving.
    • Beach_Niki
      Mmmm! Would love to see that!

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