• Dont just go by looks...feel the difference. Aluminium is the most abundant metal,symbol AL,atomic number 13,relative atomic mass 26.98. Pure aluminium is a soft white metal. It oxidizes rapidly,and is valuable for it's light weight. It's specific gravity being 2.70,and for this reason is widely used in shipbuilding and aircraft. In the pure state it is a weak metal,but if combined with other elements such as copper,silicon,or magnesium,it forms alloys of great strength. SILVER a lustrous metal ,extremely malleable and ductile ,symbol AG ,atomic number 47,relative atomic mass 107.873. The chief ores are sulphides,from which the metal is extracted by smelting with lead. It is one of the best metalic conductors of both heat and electricty ,and it's most important compounds are the chloride and bromide which darken on exposure to light,the basis of photographic emulsions. Silver is used for table,jewelry,coinage,electrical contacts,electroplating,and as a solder.
  • Silver weighs more.
  • ... another way to tell, besides the mentioned weight/mass difference, is to run a small test current of electricity through the items and measure the resistance ... silver is a bit more electroconductive and offers less resistance.

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