• That makes sense, because when you lose everything you're not as "influenced" even by yourself. It's kind of close to people thinking that just because they know things they don't have to think anymore, but even when you know that's not true, everything you've thought before is still there. Still need to deal with it though. Livia
  • "Freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose" -- Me and Bobby McGee
  • this statement doesn't refer to the ideal of freedom that many people try to absorb into their paradigm, it refers to the ultimate idea of free will. when the part of one that one considers 'i' has lost everything, everything that one thinks that they can posess; and it can only be lost, taken, as we hold onto beliefs and posessions for survival, even our personality which we consider defines us- then the body, is free to exercise its ability to do anything within its power. the restrictions that keep us from doing this are self imposed. knowledge can erase the slate and free up space, but it can also erase will.

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