• Just for the record there are BRITISH forces fighting beside the US forces, and yes they have my support.
  • Part of being a good American requires you to support your military. Whether you agree, or disagree with the role they play in any armed conflict.
  • Basically, it's like this. I support the troops coming home safely and this war ending. That's it - the sooner, the better.
  • I support the succesful conclusion of the war(s) although I doubt the US have the man 2 man skill to do so.
  • I will always supprt the men and women in uniform!!! Brave souls!!!
  • I don't support troops that are occupying any country illegally. I don't care if they DO come from my country. Just because I don't support the troops, though, doesn't mean I don't hope each and every one of them returns home safely.
  • It doesn't matter whether I support them or not. I'm not the one leading them, or fighting with them. Victory is not in my hands. I don't support the war they fight though.
  • That depends on what you classify as "Winning". I am fully in favour of the forces on the ground, American and otherwise, getting back home as soon as feasibly possible, which, as things stand now, is the closest thing to a "Victory" we can ever hope for in Iraq.
  • I support them, but I think the issue is out of the military's hands to a large extent... 1. Is the US gov't going to stick it out? 2. Does the US have the smarts to do a good job rebuilding the nation and bringing the factions together (really bad job so far). 3. Does the US have the smarts to fight the war on terrorism with more than the military? John McCain said that scholarships will be as important as smart bombs. 4. How much will the Iraqis cooperate with each other - would they rather have war for power, or peace?
  • Yes. I used to be one of them, just in a different location and a few years before. No matter how one feels about the US and the actions it takes, it is imperative to remember that the men and women out there are risking their lives, and don't really have a say in where they are deployed. That is part of what one gets when they sign up for service.
  • The first query to ask is do the forces want to keep fighting?They have been on long tours of duty and from what I have heard they are fed up and want to come home to their families.They are there and see things first hand and know there is no solution to staying.Wars are started by politicians and the troops pay the price.I support them in their desire to return home ASAP.
  • They have my full support. I just don't support the current administration and their sloppy foreign policy. I support American troops 100% of course. They're out there putting their lives in danger daily and doing brave things. First of all Iraq is not a war zone. There is no war there. It's just an occupation force that is trying to restore stability in such a sensitive region of the world. Now Afghanistan is at the front lines with our war on terror and the US needs to focus more on this crucial link on the war on terror because we know that the NWF region in Pakistan and the border is most likely where these terrorist bandits are hiding. I support a time table peaceable withdrawal from Iraq and the training of a sizable army for them with their own people that are not sectarian and want to keep Iraq at peace. I support the war in Afghanistan and say we need to step up operations there.
  • Yes I will let them, They are fighting for their family and friends, not what we see on the news... HOO-RAH!
  • yes of course... we are winning.. if ben laden is still alive... hes in northern territories of pakistan living in one of his many palacial homes. if hes dead.. they are keeping his image alive in the same region to continue the terrorist effort. either way, as long as his image remains alive to the thousands of wanna-bees terorists and we keep up the fight in iraq and afghanistan, the situation of terrorism is contained in that region. its easier for a young wannabee to walk or be driven to the battle several hundred miles away vs around the world. unfortunately,the west is losing 100 soldiers a month but the terrorists are losing 10s of thousands. lets keep it that way
  • As a combat veteran I support them but to fight the war to win. Police work is not for the US Marines.
  • I do not support the war. I used to, even fought in it. But now its different. Dont get me wrong, I support the troops. Just not the war which has caused civil war and the enforcement of total reform in Iraq. Its an unwinnable situation. To reform Iraqi's and grant total democracy/freedom you would need to seperate church and state or eliminate The Nation of Islam. It will never happen. Now we are stuck. Reason 1. Instability, Civil War Reason 2. A new dictator may seize power if we leave. Reason 3. We have not reformed the Iraqi People Reason 4. Bush hasnt secured the Oil. Lets face it, If the Chinese didnt hold a majority of the oil assets in Darfur, we would be over their stopping another Holocaust from happening. I guess Hitler taught Bush nothing. Oh and terrorism is a front. Al Qeada Are rumored to be in Pakistan nowadays recruiting and gaining strength. I sure hope our troops come home soon. I do support them. They are now fighting for each other and nothing else. The mission completion is unattainable. Oh wait. Didn't Bush already proclaim it was complete. Oh nevermind I guess It was only a nightmare that our troops are still dying over there. Reasons Bush will not enter Darfur? Fear of enraging the Muslim Nation. WTF?? I think you already did that buddy. Thats my 2 cents. Hope everyone realizes the gravity of the situation. I sure hope our troops come home soon. They deserve a break from all the propaganda spit out to them by thier Chiefs of Staff.
  • yeah they do 100%
  • i definitely support the troops, I come from a military family. What I don't support is the reasons for the war. Oh, and the president too.
  • they have my support excpecily since im going to be one of them soon. USMC
  • Of course they all have my support. I only wish I were in circumstances where I could be with them to fight.

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