• I'm so sorry for you loss. R.I.P. Tiny.
  • If you had affection for your fish then it is indeed sad. People who devalue the love you have for something just because it does not match their idea of something worth loving makes me sick. Sorry for your loss :(
  • I'm sure Tiny had a big heart and is now in a better place.
  • Aww, sorry to hear that. I had fish named Mr. Fish and was sad when he died too.
  • Yep, Its sad when anything you love dies.
  • yea it is really sad and i can understand ...i was in the same condition few months ago :'(
  • I was really, really sad when my betta fish Kierkegaard died my senior year of college. It IS sad to lose even a fish. RIP Tiny
  • Yes it is sad. You loved Tiny
  • My first two pets were two gold fish...Tippytoes and Twinkletoes....I was probably about 2 years old then. I have no clue what the deal was with attaching TOES to their names....but I know I loved them both...they were the round type with the flowing fins...and I thought they were beautiful and graceful....I remember these things about them...They slept in my room and I would kiss their bowl every night when I went to bed...and ask God to bless them right along with my human family members.... I remember they got pretty big, we had to buy a new bowl, at least once or twice...funny, but I don't remember them dying at would think that would have stuck in my mind... Tiny was your good friend...appreciated your care...and looked forward to seeing you every day...We should all have someone who feels like that about us...I'm sure he was a wonderful fish....Hugs
  • "A Fish Called Wanda" is one of my favorites. Have you seen it?
  • yes it is sad:(
  • Tiny wasn't just a fish, Tiny was your fish. Goldfish seem to have a face that you can relate to. They are different from the others. They are similar to puffer fish in their friendly appearance. Having cared for Tiny, it's a bit of you now gone. My condolences Voodoo.
  • Yes I could understand that.

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