• After about the third time I'd put a post-it with my name on my forehead. If she did it again there wouldn't be a second date.
  • Well it would be offensive and I don't think there would be a 2nd date because that person obviously is still attached to someone else.
  • I think I would laugh it off at the time, but I doubt there would be a second date. It would seem to me like that person is stuck on someone. Unless of course, they kept calling me the name of some gorgeous celebrity saying that I 'looked just like' them ;)
  • I don't think I would ever see that guy again.
  • I accidentally call him (a) dick & be gone for good
  • well I would date them the second time and jump their bones soooo well that my name would ALWAYS be on their lips ...then dump there sorry arse
  • I think I could only keep my cool for so long...and I wouldn't be going back for seconds...just not worth it to me.
  • I have such a weird name, it is not uncommon for people to make up a name they associate me with. But if I knew the name he was calling was his ex or someone he really would rather be with I would not see him again. There would be no respect there.
  • First time - laugh it off Second time - Ask her to be more careful Third time - GET OUT OF THE CAR!!!
  • I would probably starting calling her by another name too.
  • I get it all the time, haha. You see I'm a twin, so people call me by my brother's name. No big deal. For fun I would call her a different name.
  • the 1st time, I'd laugh it off. 2nd time, I'd start getting agitated 3rd time, 2nd date. they are obviously hung up on someone else.
  • At first it may be a little funny. I would have made a lil joke about it, but if it was continuous throughout the date i would realize that this person isn't ready to move on. They are obviously still wanting their old partner back. I would find it quite hard to trust this person knowing their thinking of the other person enough to call you by the wrong name more than once.
  • No one ever gets my name right. I'd laugh it off since I'm used to it.
  • OMG I remember i was dating this guy (we ended up dating for 2 years) the first time i snapped at him I called him my ex boyfriends name. Also this one time I was MAKING OUT with a boy and he called me some other girls name...i laughed it off but inside it hurt my feelings, at the time. Now if something like that were to happen there would not be a second date...i dont think so...

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