• I don't think that there should be any congradulating of answerbaggers. Theres really no point. Answerbag isn't about getting points and getting rated up. answerbag is about gaining knowledge and the only knowledge that congrtulating someone does is tell you that someone is better than you.
  • I think that you should ask the person you want to congratulate if it's ok with them if you do it before you post the question. I, for one, do not want people I hardly know asking questions for me just to get a bunch of points. I want people who really want to congratulate me to do it. Thank you for asking, Keithold.
  • imo it should be every 10 levels from 50 and above. And personal achievements, birthdays, births, graduation ect. However there are other reason, making it into the top 100 on the leader board, getting a medal ect.
  • Excellent question Keith. Personally I could care less who asks a question about me but I would agree with all those who have said that we should ask permission of the person being congratulated. A great example of what I am talking about. All anyone has to do is check my comments and they will know I am really close friends with Oceans and while it would give me great pleasure to ask a congratulations question on her behalf Her and Drastic I believe are much more close and I think she would probably appreciate a congrats question coming from him more than from me.
  • I think that Congratulations should come from a friend and the person should be asked before a question is posted. I think I have done two Congratulation questions and I believe that there should be no points for the person posting the question. That would make the Congratulations seem much more genuine. I have had friends about to post a Question (They had asked if they could do it) and before I had even tipped over the edge and made the new level, I have been congratulated by somebody I have never even heard of and who calls me a great GUY. That is not my idea of genuine congratulations.

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