• Definately not. Why would it? A communist regime is one where 1 person rules the country, there is no freedom of speech, religion or press and everyone is paid the same amount. Donating to Oxfam just means you're helping someone less fortunate than you! I would defintaely encourage you to donate, it's such a good cause!!!!:):):)
  • whats oxfam?
  • You know better than that! What prompted this question?
  • My immediate answer would be to say, "Of course not." I've done a chick check of news reports to try to find what may have prompted the question ( but I found nothing to make me change my answer.
  • No, it makes you charitable and altruistic. Throw away all that 50's ideology Truman beat into this nation out of your head.
  • Nah, you're too sensitive to my remark when I said "You da commie" when you said you'd donate your theoretical lottery winnings to them. It just makes you a good guy. Tell you what, I take it back... you're not a commie. ;)

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