• I haven't studied religion well enough to know. There's "Purgatory" as well.
  • No my religion does not we dont have a Hell we dont believe in the devil,we have a place called the summerlands which is where we go when our earthly body dies :)
  • no I am fairly certain that they all don't.
  • No. There are hundreds of religions, and a lot don't believe in an afterlife at all.
  • No. In Buddhism, for example, there is no notion of Hell or Heaven. There IS the notion of "nirvana", which some people equate with heaven, but that's not really what it means. As a practical matter, I think it's much more useful to consider heaven and hell as potential states one can realize right here and now... to be in heaven is to realize and express wholeness here and now, and to be in hell is to be alienated or cut off from that wholeness. The notions of deferred punishment and reward seem to me to be a human invention designed to "balance the scales" of perceived injustice in life. We want the guilty punished and the honorable rewarded, and we can't see how that will happen, so we suppose some sort of cosmic compensator to deal with the injustice of this. I see no evidence that such a compensator exists, but I see plenty of evidence that we make our own heaven or hell in "real time" each moment.
  • No. Some have a concept of a place that you go when you die but not necessarily "heaven" to live with "God." For some, it's a higher plane or paradise like earth, only better. Some have no concept of hell at all. Some have a place of fiery torment for non-believers, others have simply the non-existence sleep-like state of death. There are as many beliefs in an after-life and what it will be like as there are believers.

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