• Cats can see color but not particularly well. The eyes of a cat have more receptors for motion detection than they do color, although they do have both. Conversely, human eyes have more receptors for color than they do movement.
  • To add to xhephera's answer, it is believed that cats do see certain colors. Although they do possess 'cones', which are used during daytime for color, cats possess many more 'rods', used for movement and night vision. Cats seem to be able to see colors within the purple, green, yellow, and blue spectrum, but then only when the object is within a close distance. They seem to be unable to perceive color in the long-range view. For example, a purple ball in a yard will be grey-toned to a cat until it gets within so many feet of it. Then they will see the actual color. The interesting and important thing is that they don't seem to CARE about color. Motion, light, and extremely sensitive hearing is what seems to guide this amazingly adept predator. Color is simply of little significance. Some people do claim, however, that their particular cat seems more attracted to certain color toys, but scientific studies and extensive testing has indicated that although they can be taught to choose a certain color, they just don't see the point in it. :)
  • Not exactly. I saw a documentary that said cats can see a few colours, like green and, I think, brown but they are colour blind when it comes to the majority of colours, like blue, red and yellow.
  • Cats have limited color vision. They see blues, grays, yellows, and greens. Their eyes are geared for movement rather than color since prey tends to appear during low-light conditions.
  • They can't see red, most nocturnal animals can't.
  • Yes they can see color only not as well as us humans. Cheers
  • they can see some colurs like purple, blue, green and yellow range. they cant see red, orange or brown and woule see these in greys. the colurs they do see will be dull compared to when we see them
  • I dont care what scientists say about Animals seeing in Black and White. How do they know the number of Rods and Cones necessary to see in color for an animal is the same as it is for adults. Unless they have a cat that can talk, Im saying they see in color until the talking cat tells me otherwise.
  • Yes
  • CATS CAN SEE RED!!!! everyone says cats can't see red and they can, I have a cat and i threw a RED straw over near the fence she ran to it and she couldn't find it then she saw a RED rubber band so she ran to the rubber band! see that proves that cats can see red! for some reason they seem to be attracted to the colour red.
  • can cats see in colour or black and white

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