• Unprotected sex is never 100% safe, unfortunately. Even protected, you're not 100% safe. So, you really ought to use protection. However, if you are taking the pills properly and you have been doing so for a couple of months, you are protected whether you are on the "real" pills or the placebo pills. If the package says your brand of birth control pills is 99.2% effective, then that means they are 99.2% effective no matter which pills you're taking -- as long as you're sticking to the correct pill-taking routine.
  • If you have been taking the pill as directed for at least three months, the chances are extremely low (and lower the longer you've been taking the pill). In fact, if you've been taking the pill for at least six months, the chances of getting prenant at that point shouldn't be significantly higher than at any other point in the cycle. Anonymous: Please remember to rate answers by how well they answer the question that was actually asked. It's not fair to rate an answer poorly for not answering what you didn't ask. However, to answer what you ask in your rating (which should really have been posted as a separate question), if you have not been taking the pills as directed, then yes, the possibility of conception goes up. But since every woman responds different to birth control pills, there's no way to say by how much, especially since you're not even sure if you missed pills.
  • i have dated gal's on the pill....the placebo pills are taken right before your period should arise....on the first day of your new period or the firt sunday after, you should start your new pack......i think that you should be okay.....hope this helped......take care....Brian.....

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