• the people who wear them feel price is not the issue.
  • they're sexy, and super models wear them. so we're supposed to go broke trying to have an eight-day supply of underwear that could have fed you for a year. oh right, and this is America.
  • I know it's the same with boxers at american eagle a pair of boxers are like 15 dollars when I could get like 10 pair for that much
  • You get what you pay for. They are softer and they last longer than most packaged underwear. I still buy the packaged underwear, but when I want a treat I will buy Victoria's Secret because I know I'll have them a long time.
  • There is a difference when you walk into a Victoria's Secret versus the local Wal-Mart. VS has beautiful advertisements, fashion shows, models, retail stores. You gotta figure that into the price so all these expenses can be met. VS sends me a coupon every few months for free panties and I go in and get them. I rarely shop at VS because I can get clearance panties at Gap Body for $1.00 a pair.
  • You are also paying for the label and the image. This is called a brand premium. There are additional costs for VC but not as much as the price differential. Same with the different price between Mercedes autos and the Chryslers who were often built in the same factories while the companies were united.
  • Because VS doesn't sell the "steak," they sell the "sizzle." In other words, you don't go to VS for clothing, you go for the cachet, the intangible sense of glamour. So they can charge any darn price they like and there are some people who go for it.
  • Someone has to pay for the models and nice shops. As a guy, I prefer wearing Hanes panties

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