• No. I think he has put himself in a political quandary, but I also see Democrats (those in office) as having come dangerously close to treason over the last two to five years. They are fighting the President, not because he is wrong, but because it gives them power.
  • No. I flatly refuse to accept negative remarks that are erroneous, inflammatory, or unfair. EVERYTHING gets laid at the man's feet, regardless of whether it's reasonable to lay blame on him or not, and it's just gotten out of hand. It's ridiculous how many things the man gets blamed for, such as the 'prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib' performed by a bunch of low-level non-coms. Like old G.W. Bush stopped in and participated or got sent pictures of it. It's just stupid. It amazes me that people actually tried to blame him for Hurricane Katrina. Not the federal response, but the storm itself, as though Bush's leadership created such a catastrophic effect on the environment that it made Katrina incredibly strong when a Democrat would've prevented it. I might not get what I want for Christmas, but I won't be blaming the President for that. Something's got to give.
  • No, but when certain answerbaggers make things up and get real loose with the facts just because they don't like him I do try to point out that they are doing so. There are about 5-6 people here who concentrate entirely on trying to bash Dubya and they are quick to use innuendo and falsehood to do so. I am for the truth, good or bad. These same folks use sock puppets to downrate my Q's and A's regularly, it says a lot about their degree of class.

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