• Lick the sole of somebody's foot.
  • Went skydiving. It was stupid because I am afraid of heights.
  • Trun off the light when somebody was trying to catch an egg :p
  • I chugged a big tumbler (like those cups you get your pop in at a restaurant) full of Bacardi once. I was sick for a couple days!
  • I was teaching a "first lesson" private self defense class of four 20 year old guys, trying to explain something about internal controls right down to deep control of glandular secretions, when one of them asked about sexual controls and "keeping it up" ... one thing led to another, and I accepted a bet that I could "keep it up" and have continuous sex, both having and giving multiple orgasms, for over 24 hours non-stop ... they hired a group of 4 hookers to take turns on me, and watched, while I proved what I said was true ... I won the bet and they had to pay the hookers AND pay me, AND sign a 5 year training contract, and give me post dated cheques for the lessons. It was an unprofessional thing to do, I regret having accepted the challenge, and it has tarnished my honour ... but it did give me the chance to pass some lessons and wisdom to 4 guys who would have otherwise switched to a trophy fighting martial arts school, and would never have learned to control themselves internally.
  • Drywall russian roulette.
  • I short-sheeted our Chior teachers bed on an overnight chior trip.
  • dyed my hair completely blond. (I'm asian)
  • Agree to the dare.
  • I choose 'Truth'.
  • This is one that I almost did... the dare was to kiss a guy on the lips. (I wasn't in love with him or anything.) So now I just choose truth.
  • Get married.
  • Got shot out a cannon,
  • lick three rungs of a VERY, VERY, VEERRRYYY, dusty air conditioner.
  • i kissed my best guy friend when i was maybe 9 or 10 and we never talked again. it was too awkward.
  • I made out with an older kid on the bus for 2 minutes. It was extremely awkward because everyone on the bus watched. And everyone in the school knew by the next day.
  • im a waitress and it was a quiet day at the restaurant i work at and one waiter could go home. both me and a colleague wanted to go. my colleague said i could go but only if i ate a bowl of marmelade! yuck! needless to say i did it. then 'ironically' people started pouring into the restaurant and i had to stay. i spent the rest of the shift trying not to throw up on people :)
  • Jacked off onto a police car outside the station. Never got caught doing it, but was seen by school mates
  • Put a whisk in my mouth. It got stuck =p
  • Climb out of one car into a truck going 80 mph while drunk.
  • When I was younger(9) my Brother dared me to light our front porch on fire so we could meet some firemen, My mom gave me the beating of my life but lookin back it's kinda funny
  • I was 15 at the time oh god I cant say on here but put it this way a lot of people whee annoyed lol
  • I had to eat a tootsie roll out of someones ass crack!!! Now that was stupid!!!
  • well when i was a kid going for my blackbelt in karate(which i got and still have)when i was a yellow bet,i was dared to fight my sensai and i actually lost but later i was dared again (when i got red belt) and i whooped him so i was instantly promoted to black belt. :) when i lost though,it hurt...bad.
  • Play soccer but being upside down... My hands hurt a lot after that...
  • I jumped off a cliff into an old quarry filled with water. It turned out to be a very safe place to jump in terms of water depth and freedom from rocks, but I had no way to verify that the guy who dared us really knew what he was talking about. It was also stupid because it was much harder to get out of the quarry than I had thought.
  • moon a cop

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