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  • I like to be trampled, but as part of wanting to be dominated... I like the idea of being literally beneath women, like a doormat... I've had a few experiences with bare feet, but with shoes is better, on one occasion high heels (which hurt esp when she stood on my balls)...
  • Things like that can sometimes come from early childhood or growing up. There may have been an incident you don't even remember where maybe a girl stepped on you by accident (or on purpose) and it sparked something within your subconscious and the seed was planted then. Maybe in school you had a dominant female teacher who disciplined in a stern way. These are just examples however. I believe a lot of fetishes have a rich background of psychology in them.
  • Millions of men have a trample fetish. Trust me, there are forums and sites all over the web catering to guys with that fetish. There are lots of reasons for it. As stated - sometimes it's about domination, or it ties in with a fetish for female feet and legs, it can even be part of a "giantess" fetish. Don't worry about the reasons for it. Just enjoy it. :-)
  • Yup, as to how I got it, I don't know.
  • i have had it for many years. and it is very deep. I have gotten to the point that I like to be kicked and stomped by women as well. I even fantasize about being kicked in the balls. I wish I could find a woman that would stomp me within an inch of my life
  • dunno but i have a serios sneaker fetish.having women walk on me and rub it is awsome
  • I wish I knew as to why I like to be trampled, but I have no answer for it either. I will say this. Thank goodness for computers and the internet now I know that I am not alone. I have had the intense desire for woman to walk on me longer than I can remember. My desire goes futher though. I liked to be wrapped up like a mummy with my arms to the side and have a pretty, sexy, thick ankled women standing barefoot on my chest. I desire her to jump on my chest, stomp my chest. and drive her toes or her heels into the center of my chest. I also like her knees and rear-end on top of my chest. I like it so much that I feel like I can die under her sexy bare feet. The only reason I do not want to die is so that she can trample me again on a later date. I dare not tell anymore about how deep this is rooted in my heart and soul. All I can say to you. If you ever find the answer post it here so I can know it myself.
  • i also have it! i want a girl to do it to me but i cant find one. plz help me find a girl to do it for me! i'm from nyc btw!
  • Well So do I and like others I have found many sites on the subject but no site with willing feet.Would love to find a willing female to walk on my stomach as it gives me a charge (turns me on). I have to go to strip joints and pay to get walked on, but it works.
  • I just trampled all over this guy tonight. It was a great experience! I was so turned on jumping all over his chess and WWF pouncing on him. He was a human doormat. By the time I was finished with him he was bruised in his stomach area. I felt a little concerned but oh well! Jersey Rocks....
  • Yo, check this out. There is all types of trample fetishes,etc. For me, barefeet is not going to do it for me. She has to be wearing some shoes that turns me on, and that looks great on her feet. Now, if she has sandals on, she has to have pretty-feet. Nice and soft/smooth and nail polished. I have been trampled by some hot honeys wearing great shoes. I like to be trample all over . On the face, too! One other thing, she has to be petite. I do not want a women who is fat and weighs over 200lbs. stepping on me. I had a woman at that weight step on me and it was not satisfying. A lot of unnecessary pain. A women who has a nice body/weight, you can really enjoy her trampling you. Feels great! And when she hurts me at some point that is good. LIke when she is stomping me.
  • Man. My fetish originated when I was little. You see, my sister had some older friends over and they used me as a trampoline. Thats when I realized that I loved it. From then on it just took off. I currently have a girl trampling me right now. As much as I like the idea of barefeet, shoes are awesome! This girl is always getting new shoes, and she uses them and it is awesome. Don't be afraid to ask a girl. You might be surprised what they will do.
  • I think getting trampled has something to do with submission. I agree that the roots probably are to find in early childhood. But I do not know why so many men have a trample fetish. I know very few women who ever wanted to get trampled. May be it depends on the fact that men have the first few years the closest contact to their mothers and other women. And the irst few years it is almost only the women who decide for a young boy child and when they are boys.
  • I had a baby sitter that liked to keep me when I was 7 years old so she could trampleme.I loved it I weighted like 40 pounds she was like 130 or so and seemed to like more and more everytime.She started off slow with one bare foot just seeing how much weight I could take.Then she would put her other foot on me and say things like this is going to get really intresting.It was all I could do to hold her up she stood full weight on my stomach but I would not give.she watched close to make sure she wasnt soing any harm it was great.One day always on Saturdays she came to baby sit and brought one of her friends.I was in the back room and did not know they where here.She called me nad ask me to come to the livingroom.Christy and her friend Nina where both waiting,she asked me do you remeber what we did last time,I said yes,she said I want to show Nina.I said ok where do I lay down? that will do there by the coach.Nina was a big girl I would say in the 160-170 range.Very good shape.Christy stood on me full weight and looked at Nina and remarked I told you so.Nina said mind if I try?Nina's feet where like size 10 or so.All I could see was her giant foot covering my intire stomach and chest she was so heavy I though I was going to burst.I felt bones pop like pop pop nothing breaking but it felt so good I didnt want her to stop.I could not have told her to quit if I had wanted to she was so heaavy against my 40 pound body it really made me turn red,Like I said it felt unreal.I was really sore but I loved it and to this day look foward to having my wife walk all over me.By the way her name is Nina also
    • Macdog
      If only they stood on you at the same time!
  • I do. It all started when i was 11 years old and i was watching soap talk lisa rena had thi s model guest.. and she had the best feet and legs ever... i basically got hard and took off right there it was my first masterbation 2....... then other girls at schools teachers and women at church had beutiful feet and soles also. But i really fell in love when this girl was chasing me at my dad's house and she found me in the room hiding under the bed.... thats when i crawled out and saw her standing looking down at me and said...."YOU THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO GET AWAY!!!!" and she steped on me with her barefoot and walked on me for like 10 minutes and then but it in my face and said this is my last time telling you boy! And thats how I got mine

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