• That would depend on what type of injury it was,but I do know how to try to stop the bleeding yes
  • Having worked for 11 years as an Industrial First Aid Attendant, I am quite sure I could handle most types of injuries and even poisoning ... but if it were due to illness, pregnancy/child birth, or something else, then it is just a maybe ... I do carry a cell phone and would call for an ambulance first, then I would do my best to stabilize and control, untill professional help arrived ... I usually carry a small bottle of Dit Da Jow with me, although it is not for use on open wounds, the alcohol in it would make an adequate hand sterilizer just in case the patient had some sort of infectious problem ... I would try to minimize the amount of their blood that came into contact with my skin ... I do NOT usually carry latex gloves, but I do carry a small plastic grocery bag or two that I could use as gloves in an emergency.
  • i might have to call 911 and have them tell me what they wanted me to do
  • I would be able to give 1st aid.
  • only by applying pressure and ringing for help
  • Yes, I actually READ my BMR! Basic Military Requirements (NAVEDTRA 14325) I even know what to do for a sucking chest wound, and how to shore up a damaged ship.
  • That depends on where they were bleeding and on how badly, but generally: yes.
  • I have done first aid, and I have dealt with someone bleeding profusely before, but there is always the possibility I may pass out.
  • years ago I dragged a bloke out from under a building he'd cut his head pretty badly after i dragged him out used my shirt to put pressure on the cut on his head called the ambo to take him to hospital I got covered in his blood the safety officer at the job this happened made him take an aids test ole mate never spoke to me again after that never said thanks for draging him out from under the building ungrateful pos he was I wish I'd left him there crying like when I found him.

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