• Raw diamonds are usually octahedal in shape. (Think about taking two four-sided pyramids and gluing their bases together. Goto for an animated representation of the raw shape and for an actual raw diamond.) Additionally, raw diamonds usually aren't as shiny as the ones you see in jewelry. What you get in jewelry is usually cut to a desired shape and then polished. Additionally one raw diamond, depending on its size and clarity, will be cut into two or more gemstones. So, what you buy in the jewelry store look very different from that which was dug out of the ground.
  • Raw diamonds are randomly shaped rock crystals that may have bits of rock attached and internal flaws and bits of carbon. These are studied to find the clearest areas and then these areas are cut from the less than desirable flawed, included (containing spots of carbon or other forein material) areas. the clean pieces are then studied to see what the best way of cutting them (common shapes include pearshape, emerald-cut, marquis, round, oval, etc.) will be to minimize waste.
  • were do I go to get a raw diamond cut
  • Diamonds, we see in jewelry are processed and jewelers have worked on them to be in a specific shape. Raw diamonds are those which are ready to be processed. Go to to get processed diamonds.

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