• I am quite capable of supporting myself , the arguement would be over if he expected me to support him. That I would certainly not do if he was fit and healthy.
  • Yes. I should be able to at least support myself financially.
  • Of course! I am going to grad school so I will be able to support myself. This is not 1955.
  • Depends on the circumstances. I don't expect every man to just take care of me because I am fully capable of taking care of myself. The issue of whether or not he could care for himself will depend on his circumstances of being financially secure. Is he trying his best to get a job or is he just loafing around? I mean, if all he could get was a minimum wage job but he tried his hardest, I wouldn't be mad at him and I would stay with him.
  • I supported my hubby for a few years only because he was going to school for special training. If he worked while going to school we would have been paying out the ass for daycare for our children. He stayed home to tend the children while I worked, and when I came home he went to school. My house was always clean, and he did the laundry. Once he was finished his training he got a higher paying job so I can stay home with the kids and take care of the home.
  • Right now we both try to help eachother out, but Love definitely supports me more than I can repay. And I feel awful about it sometimes. I want to work, to be self supporting. I wouldn't stay with a man who *insisted* on supporting me financially.
  • I earn my own money. I would never expect a man to support me financially.
  • Great question! I truly don't know. my first answer would be "No" although I support myself very well, but a man. On the other hand, you never really know until you get there! remember The Matrix movie and Morpheus saying "it's one thing knowing the path, other thing walking it". So....
  • If I loved him much.. then I would. ..BUT he has to pick up the kids, clean the house, do the cooking etc. :P
  • Sure I would! I can take care of myself financially, and I don't need a man to do that for me (although it's nice!). Now, I wouldn't stay very long with a man who expects ME to support HIM.
  • Are we dating or are we married? If I was just dating someone I wouldn't care but if he planned on moving in then yes he would have to get a job & hold up his own part. I don't mooch off of anyone & I'm not going to pay their way(except my son, but even he works) just so they can free load & burden my life. But if it was because we had small kids & I could make more money then he could by going out & working then I wouldn't mind it at all. I guess it would just depend on the circumstances.
  • Well, I just got out of that situation. My boyfriend didn't have a job (of course, he has one now that we aren't together anymore, perfect time to better yourself) he always wanted the latest shoes (jordan's) and music cd's he really put a dent in my bank account. I will put it like this, we aren't together anymore but I am still feelings the pain (bank account balance). I don't think it was worth it. It's for you to decide...
  • why not, in the long run money is not what really makes you the person whom you wake up everyday and enjoy being in their presence. love always counts, not money.(my opinion)
  • Well i gave it a go for 2 years, he now earns way more than me and still expects me to shell out, smokes my tobacco, winges when i want his share for the bills!!! as we speak he is now moving out!!! have had enough now :( so the answer is yes up until a certain point...then they are taking the p*ss!
  • Not a good idea..... women need to know how and need to support theirself or at least do their part, it usually takes two to support a household anyways. I have seen a FEW cases, if he supports you he thinks he owns you. And yes I am sure women can be the same way.
  • I'm ok as long as I don't have to support him. He has to hold a job and be able to pay his own bills in the very least.
  • Of course, I am a woman who puts in my fair share..i am not supported..nor am i supporting...its all equal in our house.
  • If you lived in Russia, you even didn`t ask this question, because in Russia women sometimes earn more than men.And they are not looking a man for money, they look for real love.
  • He wouldn't have to suppport but rather provide. i believe a man should provide, so ... no.
  • Yes. Financial support is nice, but emotional support is better.
  • I did ...won't do it again
  • Yes, I'm a big girl and I can take care of myself. If however, I have a problem, I expect my partner to pick up the slack.

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