• Tiffany lamps were expensive (VERY expensive) when they were originally made. He catered to the high end market, priced his merchandise to sell ONLY to the top people, and was a stickler for quality. Thus, from the very initial sale to the first owner, they were expensive, scarce to rare, and very desirable/collectible items. Antiques are defined as 100 years old, so they didn't become antiques for 100 years. That is why you very seldom hear of anyone finding a Tiffany lamp at a garage sale. The owners knew they had good stuff from the very beginning, kept it, enjoyed it, and sold it to dealers for fair prices when they got rid of it. Fair, not cheap!
  • Tiffany lamps became collectable in the 70's where their popularity really grew. Since the 70's they have become more and more collectable and deemed as beautiful prizes. Thanks, Mark Requena. - Tiffany Lamp Store Owner.

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