• Whom speaks proper English and which country did the most to win world war 2!
    • beaker95
  • one uses the Queen's english and the other uses the President's english, Liz vs Bush?
  • American public schools are just that - public. British public schools are just the opposite - they are elitist fee-paying schools.
  • I honestly do not know, but I would guess that they both stress you out equally lol
  • British schools are taught in English.
  • American schools are less homosexual.
  • 4-22-2017 "American" is an actual word referring to an actual nation. "British" is the name of a group of islands, but does not refer to the people living there because there are several nations and different cultures on the British Isles. In most cases when somebody says "British" they mean English, but even that is not a single nation or a single culture. In fact, the largest nation in Great Britain does not have a name, it is just called "the jurisdiction". Scroll down to "Don Aitken".

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