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  • I had a major crush on my uncle when I was 5. (Speaking of 5, it's all I could give you to counter the trollhole)
  • All my crushes on the opposite sex have never been sexual. But I have had a few. Mostly teachers and a couple of neighbors I had growing up. None lately. Thanks for asking, K.
  • I have a friend like that he tickles the shit out of me. I light up when I see his face and I grin like a smitten school girl the whole time were together. My husband feels the same way about him. It's great.
  • I'm not gay, but I'll tell you I've had crushes on people of the same sex. Not sexual crushes, but crushes nonetheless. Even though I've never had an opposite sex crush that I wasn't sexual involved I can draw from my personal experience with my fellow man the crush was caused my an increased desire to be with that person because of great admiration and affection. I guess the same would hold true with the opposite sex too. Real good question, brother man!!! Jimmy
  • Yes. More than once. What was it like? Well, the experience was fun and exciting to me.

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