• Heck no! She speaks out of both sides of her mouth as good as any other candidate or former president.
  • How can there be evidence. Even if you do not like her the evidence is that she is a clever determined ambitious women . Probably a lot smarter than a lot of men that have held the office. That does not mean she will be right for the position but also it does not mean she would be wrong . It is her platform that should determine that.
  • She is married to Bill Clinton, enuf said.
  • she picked this schmuck
  • Remember this is ONLY my opinion. . . With that said I do not believe a woman would make a good President because women act on emotion as apposed to men who act on logic. I personally don't care who is President of the US as long as I can still be free.
  • Of course not. Hillary Clinton will do a fine job, and she must be scaring somebody, because all the conservatives are grasping at straws to attack her. I hate to inform you Republicans (not true, I love to inform you) that you will have to contend with another Clinton Presidency. So get over it.
  • Why does everyone hate this lady? Is there something I missed in the past decade?
  • Of course not, lets list the reasons: She wants to continue the war in Iraq She wants to add a 110 BILLION dollar UHC system on top of the war She has NO PLAN to fix the economy She flips on subjects almost every debate She has the most funding from the DEFENSE INDUSTRY (Can we never learn? Read:cheney!) She has been found planting questions at debates She has been part of the new "democratic congress for change" that has done NOTHING except raise the minimum wage (oh wippity fucking doo! its not like we have anything big like a WAR GOING ON THAT NEEDS TO END!) Oh and lets not forget this cure little tidbit!
  • No, nothing. Republicans want to rummage through Clinton files to regurgitate the rubbish we heard during the Clinton years. People hate her because she's powerful, smart and ambitious.
  • Yes. She and her husband are corrupt! ( Look carefully. I constantly get downgraded for expressing my opinion. I've fought and bled for my country so you and I both can say what we like. No doubt the biggots will do this again. At least have the guts to identify yourself.
  • Zero evidence -- The 'case' against Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton is literally made up, page after page. Not enough to move voters against her.
  • I don't see any evidence here. I suppose she would not be a candidate for the nomination if there were some.
  • No there isn't
  • Everything she says and does proves this.
  • Of course no. Such claims are based on weak pre-emptive arguments backed up by zero evidence and waged with little thought.
  • She is a woman. Every woman; you can look in history; someone has put into power has caused a downfall. Shes quite frankley a bitch, i believe shes all talk and no game. Kankles; Bill clinton she has on a leash; oh; R E P U B L I C A N
  • Yes, indeed there is. Peggy Noonan, republican Sani-witch and Avatar (Ann Coulter in a Karen-Hughes suit), wrote a book called 'The Case Against Hillary Clinton'. I submit this book in evidence. I bought it at a yard sale to keep it from falling into the hands of the neighborhood children. It's full of such tidbits as "She thinks she's pretty smart...', and '...nyah-nyah!..', all footnoted with actual dates and quotations. You want evidence, I give you evidence... See? See?
  • There is one thing. It's not that important to most people, but it's something that I can relate to. A while back, she protested against the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas because of that whole Hot Coffee thing (X Rated material in the game). What she said was that the creators of the game placed the material in the game, intending for it to be unlocked. But the easily uncovered truth was that there was no such content in the game, but it was a mod, something that a player created after the game was released that certain people downloaded from the internet. She wanted to get the creators of the game blamed for this, even though it's completely obvious that they aren't responisble. This is a sign of two possible things: either she is very poor at doing the proper research before incriminating people, or she's a goddamn liar. I don't really like either one.
  • Tons, and it is easy to find if you really want to see the truth. Your choice.
  • judging from her past and the shifty things she got up to with her hubby while he was governor ...I would say she would have trouble laying straight in bed
  • I was originally living in the Buffalo, NY area where Clinton is representative of that district... I Moved! Need I say more? I once sent a question of concern to her office... I didn't even get a reply. I sent my same question to Rep. Randy Kuhl... I received an answer immeadiatly. My brother Mike had a question of concern that he addressed to her office... nothing! Not even a "received your question, sorry we can't help you." Need I say more? Could anyone out there tell people from Buffalo and the surrounding area, one thing that she did for the people in the area? I am sure Buffalonians would love to know. Need I say more? Drive around Buffalo and Western New York, you will find 'city blocks' with houses boarded up. The country side litered with empty homes... no jobs! Need I say More??? I could!
  • Well for one if her mouth is moving then she lying about something.
  • she would bleed all over the whitehouse! (jk)
  • Depends on which politics you prefer.
  • Is there any (VALID) evidence to support the claims that ANY of the candidates would not be a good president?
  • Personally I can't come up with any reasonable reason.
  • How about she overspent her political campaign budget and some of her own personal budget, asked Obama to bail her out with voluntary contributions from his constituents...and she was going to lead our nation, balance the budget and create a National Health Care Program????? Is this question for real? She's a financial derelict, pure and simple.

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