• A good freeware video converter, which can also do a number of other things such as resizing and joining video, is Avidemux. This application converts most video files, including conversions into standard MPEG1/2 video files for use in homemade VideoCDs and DVDs. The program is available in Windows and Linux versions.
  • I like Super - It is a little tricky to download from the developer's site; "To download from this site without looping back to the same page you need to: Enable your JavaScript, clear your MSIE cache, do not block your http_referrer (with ZoneAlarm or similar), do not use a proxy. Queries concerning this issue will not be answered. Here's a download help guide." Read first. Trust me, it's worth it ;)
  • I found Prism video convertor of NCH software suite to be too good. Not Only for video conversion... It's there for almost all what u need.... it's freeware too
  • Go here. You just missed a good one the other day but there's some cool editing software today. Every day, really cool software for free. I downloaded some good stuff from here. And just keep lookig, software like what you want is there all the time. Actually I think the one offered today does what your looking for.
  • Wanna powerful and comprehensive video converter without paying too much? It's easy! There are some last chances to seize this Halloween. I am so lucky to get Joyoshare Video Converter (with support to all formats and lossless conversion, 60X fast speed)😋 here:
  • HandBrake can convert almost all popular formats into MP4, WebM, and MKV. If you need to have more output options, then go to FFmpeg. You can check this post ( to find more free video converters and the supported video file formats for each.😏

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