• The best way I would suggest is to look at all the good qualities about yourself, rather than what others have. Be thankful for what you have Focus on yourself and what's important :) Hope this helped. Cheers-Mike
  • In relationships? You have got to give trust. When you trust, your beloved will usually earn even more trust. Your trust will overcome your jealousy. If you do not give trust, your mate will not be interested in trying to earn it for too long, and your jealousy will grow. With possessions? Enjoy what you have... When you see things that you would like to have, but can't afford... Try to enjoy watching the lucky Joe enjoy his without feeling sorry for yourself. Jealousy is a destroyer, you just have to take away it's power by not feeding it.
  • Well, if you accept that you have no control of other people, that's a great start. If someone wants to be with someone else, there's really nothing you can do about it. Believe that you are enough as you are and you don't have to exert force on others to get love & respect.
  • I don't think you can teach yourself not to be jealous. It is a character trait that would involve nothing short of a psychological makeover. You would have to take control of your mind and be able to reprogram your emotions. I think the best you can hope for is to learn to handle jealousy, how to react when you realize you are getting jealous, and how to stop yourself from saying or doing anythng foolish. One way to avoid getting jealous is to develop more confidence in yourself. Once you realize how truely great you are, there will be less things that will bother you.
  • In short, I don't think anyone can unlearn jealousy. You may be able to suppress it, but not erase it completely. It's not something you can stop...if you're a jealous person you're going to be jealous.
  • It's not something that is taught, it is a choice. A choice to, when you recognize jealous feelings, change your mindset. There are so many tips on doing that online for help, but just remember, it's a choice and you have that choice not to 'go there' with those thoughts. It's really more involved than I can simply type out here, so yes, try researching this online.
  • you probably cant
  • Dr. Dyer says Jealousy is when you compare yourself to someone else and find yourself lacking. I suggest when you find yourself lacking you look to the person you are jealous of to learn how to be more like them in the ways you feel lacking. Maybe even ask them to mentor you. I've found many people like being admired in some way and are happy to help you learn. But you also need to keep in mind that you're probably comparing your worst qualities to their best qualities. That's not fair to you. Think about your strong points and talents sometimes you'll realize you have a lot to offer after all things are considered. If this is about you liking someone who likes another, realize that this is simply not the one for you at this time and focus on the next one in line. There are plenty of people out there!
  • Depends on what kind of jealousy. 1.Sibling Rivalry, 2.Jealous of a friends new job, 3.Jealous of your boyfriend talking to other girls. I think you can realize that maybe your sister is getting more attention than you but that doens't mean your not loved just as much! Try to be glad for your friend's new job! And realize your boyfriend being friendly to other girls does not mean he wants them or is going to cheat on you! Self talk is the best way to get through these unproductive feelings;)
  • Jealousy is a dangerous emotion that can lead one to cause harm to themselves and others. We can learn to control it and God has given us the tools to do so. Cain was jealous of his brother Abel and God said to Cain “Why are you so angry and dejected? If you turn to doing good, will you not return to favor? But if you do not turn to doing good, sin is crouching at your door, and it’s craving is to dominate you; but will you get the mastery over it?” We have to learn self-control and remove ourselves from the thoughts and people that enable these negative emotions. Don’t allow your thoughts to wander, keep your mind occupied and focused on positive things. Turn to doing “what is good”, like Cain should have done after he received counsel from God. (Genesis chapter 4)
  • If one is jealous of a partner and there is not real reason for it, the emotion is simply insecurity. If one can't break away from being very insecure it is doubtful jealousy will ever go away.
  • By remembering that jealousy like anger does nothing but bring yourself down. Instead, be more positive and work harder to make things better for yourself.

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