• I would assume it's a natural adaptation on people that generally live in cold climates to keep warm.
  • The toe hair serves no purpose in our species and is a vestigial trait. Human hair does not function well for warmth, rather it is used (as our genetic cousins still use it) for cooling. The hair on your head keeps the sun off of your head as the brain can easily over heat, and allows the heat to dissipate into the air between the hair. You'll notice people from hotter climates tend to have thicker denser hair than ones from colder climes, not the other way around. The hair also wicks sweat away and cools that way as well, which, (to come back to your question) is most likely what the toe hair was originally used for.
  • Because we have follicles on our toes that produce hairs.
  • to give us something to braid on the long cold nights
  • We have hair on nearly every skin surface...unless you're going bald headed.
  • From our late ancestors the cavemen they didnt have shoes to wear when it was cold so thru evolution they grew hair on their feet to keep them warm and that has just continued on to us thru evolution.
  • My boyfriends feet look as if he should be somewhere howling @ the moon. His feet look like knuckles & has hair, long black curly hair on each toe. His toe nails are yellow,hard and very strong. They're like weapons, little swards cutting me in the night. Its not fair that such a condition should exist, I love him, but not his feet, they don't look or smell very nice. And yet in the summer he insist on wearing on toe flip flops, OMG someone please pray for my mans warewolf feet!!!!
  • Hair is like a cats whiskers, They're for feel and warmth most times……I think. We have hair on every part of our bodies, sometimes we just can't see it. Like we have VERY fine skin colored hairs all over our faces.
  • To give us yet one more reason to be shy in public
  • I know testosterone levels influence hair growth. That's why men tend to be more hairy than women usually. I'm not really sure what the function of toe hair would be.

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