• I would imagine it to be very high, atleast from 1st world countries, possibly up in the 98% of people bracket.
  • I'd say the percentage that face true racism is pretty high, and the percentage that perceive it is even higher.
  • 100%. Even ignoring individual discriminatory acts, racism is systemic in our country and culture. Every person of color (and not just blacks but asians, latinos, etc) will be touched by it in some way.
  • O.K. I know this will be a controversial answer but here it goes.First let me preface my answer with this. I am white, my sister is married to a black man and has two beautiful children with him. While I do agree that racism does exist, I do not think it is what it was years ago. I see nothing that has hampered my niece's in any way due to them being "black". I do ,however see racism coming from the black community towards the black community. NAACP, United negro college fund, B.E.T. etc.. Racism is racism! To all the so-called leaders of the civil rights movement, Every time you separate one race from another, no matter what the reason, you are being "racist". I think it is the likes of Jackson, Sharpton etc. who are perpetuating racism. It always amazes me when I see a black millionaire or business leader complain how there is no opportunity for black people. If this were true how did they obtain their success. We are one race, the human race. The sooner EVERYBODY realizes that, the sooner we can all move on
  • As a Black women, I would say a lot of us have experienced racism. I myself have. I think how much depends on were you live. I think southern Blacks experience more, while northern Blacks not so much. I only think that is because it’s hidden more. I’m not too sure about folks on the west coast and the central US, but I know for sure racism is still alive a kicking. People are better at hiding it now. It’s better then what is has been. Racism will never die unfortunately it’s as American as apple pie. Not just for Black people but any people of color.
  • There are a whole lot of black people in the world. Do you mean black people living in mostly white communities or are African countries where white people become the minorities included? There are also a lot of different ways to experience racism. You could say that several African countries face racism on a global scale because the capitalist countries who have "good intentions" dont want to sacrifice their profits to make life more successful and bearable for the people who suffer. HOw would you really calculate this?
  • I am a white male, that said, having lived in this world for 42 years and doing a lot of travel, I would guess most in the US, EU, Far East, and Australia have. Southern Africa obviously and historically. That said. I personally have been racially profiled by black people. I have been assaulted by a few black people saying that I was keeping them down, etc. After brief altercations, I explained to them that my heritage is from Prussia and came to the US just before WWI. So I personally had nothing to do with slavery nor did my heritage. That said. No problem.
  • I believe this applies to everyone latinos, asians etc. Personally I've been through alot of discrimination in different environments. However there is no cure of racism, therefor we need to learn how to cope with this. We cant control the thoughts and the actions of people. however in order to gain power, control must come from within, control your mentality and how you react to things.
  • I'm white and I know for a fact that my black friends have seen racism in their lives and I have seen black people show racism toward white people. Often times this is the stance of the so called "black leaders" If left alone, racism could die out pretty easily, it's came a long way from where it was, now everyone stop throwing fuel on the embers and let's let it die. +4
  • Don't act like black people aren't racist too. I know plenty of black people who think its ok to say cracker or wetback, any kind of racial slur for that matter. Black people are already equal in America and most black young people have never been discriminated. How many black people do you know have been called a nigger to there face? Now how many white people do you know that have been called a cracker? My point exactly.
  • Not as many as whites, I believe they feel anger towards them, and I hear many say white poeple irritate them, but I don't believe most oof the black people hate white people. I don't, but I don't love them either right now, I'll be honest.

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