• Donna's of Berlin in Berlin OH cute little chalets and cabins in a quiet atmoshpere!
  • Doolin, Ireland
  • My family has a bit of land in trust up in the mountains, and we all go up there together for vacation once a year, plus various trips without the crowd. I'd miss the few other vacation places I go occasionally, but I'd have to pick that valley, since if I could, I'd live there.
  • Once I was a guest briefly at a beautiful home perched on a cliff near Carmel, CA. The sea pounds against the rocks below, the cypress trees lean into the wind trying to get a better look at the Pacific, and the sunsets are spectacular. I don't think I would ever be able to go back to work though, so "vacation" might not be the right word.
  • I think an ocean home on the Island of Bonaire in the Netherland Antilles (in the sothern Caribbean outside of the hurricane belt)
  • I have a small house about 100 km out of Moscow.When my son was little we spent summers there. This house is in the forest(but not far from the nearest villige).There are many berries and muchrooms there in the forest.In Russia we like to pick mushrooms and berries, it`s so pleasant to walk in a wood with a basket ad pick them.And also there we could take water in the spring- it`s so tasty.Your question remind me my good days and also that I was not in my forest house about 3 years.Anyway now it`s warm in my heart after your question,I close my eyes and see a field full of wild strawberries and my hands have their smell...Thank you vey much for your question!!!!!!
  • If I had to go to only one spot, Las Vegas. I could at least pretend I was in Paris, New York, Italy, Egypt, England, and Monte Carlo or Rio as well as New Orleans. No other single place can offer you all of that along with 24 hour booze and showgirls to boot!
  • I can imagine these blueberries and blackberries.In Moscow now is winter and much snow.I want back to summer
  • I would stay where I have my fondest memories....right here at home.
  • i would go to the nearest beach

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