• My understanding is that n upside down cross can be a symbol of evil. As far as it being the mark of the beast though it is not that. My understanding of that bible term is that it is the number 666. Some also theorize that a mark similar to that of the upc codes you see on so many things we buy at the store today is also supposed to have some sort of satanic symbolism. My personal opinion on that last one is it is some religious zealots taking things way too far. I hope that I answered your question.
  • Yes, the cross is the mark of the beast. The beast we are talking about is a political entity that once existed and whose remnants are still with us today. That beast (the second one of Revelations) was the Holy Roman Empire, whose religion was that of Rome and whose mark was the cross. It is still the mark of the Roman church and also of those daughter churces that although rejecting Rome's authority have continued to promulgate Romes wicked doctrines (immortal soul, supernatural devil, going to heaven etc). It adorns their building and their books, it is worn around the neck as jewelry, and those who worship that mark, will often give their lives in defence of it and what it represents. If you have ever wondered why anyone would accept the mark of the beast, you now know. It is widely accepted because, in error, people believe it is a "christian" symbol. As for all that stuff about the mark being a chip or some other hi-tech device, forget about that, it being only a story told by those who have already accepted the mark and are trying to deny it by finding another meaning for it. If you want to know more, study the history of the Holy Roman Empire and the Roman church.
  • Yes. The answer to 'what is the mark of the beast' is something that you want to get right. To do an honest investigation, you must set aside pre-conceived ideas before you research. I have good reason to believe that the beast (head of this political/religious entity and the antichrist) will make his appearance early in 2009. Time is short. I agree with darkrats answer and would like to add that the use of the cross as a religious symbol predates the Egyptian Empire and dates back to the tower of Babel and points to a person known as Tammuz, son of Nimrod's wife. Please note that crossing oneself as done now by many christian denoms involves only the right hand and the forehead when a small cross is traced on the forehead. These are the two points of importance as mentioned in revelations. Check out how to cross yourself on youtube. Crossing oneself is a man made tradition that's not found in the Bible. Time will tell if this or some other form of the cross will be the requirement to buy or sell.
  • "When fascism comes to America, it will be wrapped in the flag and carrying the cross." - Sinclair Lewis It Can't Happen Here - 1935
  • No, The Cross is a varient of the egyptian Ankh. a symbol of life and the sun The Hexagram is the mark of the beast, essiantially it has 6 sides, 6 angles, 6 points. each triangle is 60 60 60 degrees. Zionist Jews = Synagogue of satan
  • Yes as the saying goes When Facsim comes to American it will arrive as a cross wrapped in the flag.
  • It was the tool of the beast used to crucify Christ.
  • 666 =don't you have any sabbath albums?
  • No, my ex-wife didn't really like crosses
  • A third clue to the meaning of 666 lies in its being
  • The mark of the beast will be the number of a man six hundred three score six. Which is 666.
  • ** Beasts as Symbols of Governments. Certain major world powers of history appear directly in the Biblical record, and all of these, as well as other nations, have used animals as symbols of their governments. In Egypt, the serpent figured prominently, the uraeus, the sacred asp, appearing on the headdress of the Pharaohs. However, Egypt was also represented by the bull, as was Assyria. Medo-Persia used the eagle (the shields of the Medes bore the golden eagle; the Persians bore an eagle fixed to the end of a lance). Athens was designated by the owl; Rome, the eagle; Great Britain is designated by the lion; the United States, the eagle. From the most remote times China has been symbolized by the dragon. Well known is the German “two-headed eagle.” ** There is no evidence that for the first 300 years after Christ’s death, those claiming to be Christians used the cross in worship. In the fourth century, however, pagan Emperor Constantine became a convert to apostate Christianity and promoted the cross as its symbol. Whatever Constantine’s motives, the cross had nothing to do with Jesus Christ. The cross is, in fact, pagan in origin. The New Catholic Encyclopedia admits: “The cross is found in both pre-Christian and non-Christian cultures.” Various other authorities have linked the cross with nature worship and pagan sex rites.

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