• Curtain material
  • OPEN SEASON ON FABRICS! Curtains are typically considered to be a CASUAL window covering such as you might find being used in a Kitchen, or a bedroom or a child's room. DRAPERIES or "Drapes" are more formal and refined looking, usually they are made by a professional, who knows exactly what they are doing, they are hung, generally with an attachment to the fabric and then to the rod...which most likely will include a draw cord to open and close them. Curtains...almost anyone who can sew a straight line can whip up a lovely set! The Fabric for CURTAINS can be just about anything that pleases you! I've seen everything from muslins, light wight cottons, GAUZE, flannel, broadcloth, organdy, corduroy, even slightly heavier...more formal fabrics, but the DESIGN is simple...and less stiff than "regular" drapes would be. Curtains can be lined or unlined, or you can combine a sheer or lighter weight on one rod with something more opague and heavy on the second (inner..into the room..)rod. So...for curtains...I would say that what is BEST is what makes you smile when you look at it...what makes you feel good! (A nice bonus to curtains is that usually you can remove them and wash them with dry cleaning needed...AND you can easily make more than one slightly different fabrics, weights, colors and change them out seasonally, for very little expense! Three cheers for the Sewing Machine!)
  • Depends on the type of curtain you're looking to make and the size of the window.

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