• just say hard headed.....however...stubborn isnt a bad word...its a personality trait
  • If you are calling someone stubborn, and they ARE stubborn, then you are just pointing out a personality trait.
  • Generally, "stubborn" has a negative connotation. However, "tenacious" has a positive connotation, but means the same thing.
  • Imagine a job interview - Interviewer: "Thanks for listing your 5 million strengths - very informative. Now, do you think you have any weaknesses?" Candidate: "Well, I suppose I'm quite stubborn." Interviewer: "Stubborn? In what way?" Candidate: "When I get given a hard task I have to keep at it - I won't let things defeat me easily." *** Just one way to use "stubborn" in a positive sense. And to help you get a job. :)
  • You persevere no matter what you get the job done you stand by your principles you're trustworthy you're determined overcome obstacles you're not hindered by the impossible you inspire others you're resourceful you pave the way were no way is possible create opportunities for others you come up with new ways to see things in negative situations you have novel ideas for pressing problems you stubbornly hold onto honesty you keep your eyes on the goal when others are panicking you eventually become the person you want to be because YOU DON'T QUIT! Never give up never surrender!

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