• Well I never was one for replacing passwords but there are a few CD's you can download that will inject your own "new" password so you can log in. If you rather view the password. I Have a great CD that is easy to do that. Let me go get the links. . This one does not answer your question instead it shows you the password. . This one will reset the password
  • 1. Turn on the computer. 2. Immediately begin pressing the F8 key over and over in about half second intervals. 3. A menu will come up asking how you want to boot - choose SAFE MODE. 4. Windows will come up with two user accounts, click on the Administrator account. 5. Once Windows starts up (it will look ugly, but work the same) go to Start->Control Panel. 6. Double-click on User Accounts. This is where you have two choices: Create a new user account using the option in menu and delete the old user accound OR Click on the user account then click REMOVE PASSWORD.
  • LOST PASSWORD XP When you install XP there actually is a TRUE Administrator ID that is created. This account has the name "Administrator: as opposed to your user account. If at a command prompt you type the command net users this will list ALL the accounts on that ,machine. You will probably see here the Administrator account. If you don't know the password for this account you should be able to change it by typing the command net user administrator new_password where new_password is the new password for the account. At the XP login screen, try logging on now with the user id administrator and the password that you just created. If this fails then as PC starts enter safe mode F8 Then go to control panel User’s accounts Choose “Administrator” once in then choose the account you wish to change the password on Then choose change password Set new password, close all windows and reboot Enter new password and you should be in

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