• Manners , Gobstoppers , The Clash , The Sex Pistols , Madness , The Specials , and being able to leave your front door open all day. And oh yeah , Chelsea win these days ! I could go on but I'm knackered and my fingers are going wayward. God bless and I may answer tomorrow if I'm sober when I get back from Chelsea but I can't see it so everyone take care !!! Answered it wrong way round as well !! Time for bed !! See yar !
  • I can remember my daddy getting upset..."it's 1976, and gas is .60 a gallon, that's highway robbery!" LOL...I would give up my week of vacation for a .60 gallon of VGQ+++ -Buddy
  • Kids are very rude these days, and God forbid you should tell them so.
  • Where to start? Parents ruled back then and you never ever threw a tantrum or talked back. You could leave your doors unlocked and walk the streets without being afraid. Penny candy. Divorce was almost non-existent. You actually new your neighbors names.
  • you could go to the store with a dollar and come home with a grab bag of candy!! Moms could stay home and raise their children, less people were fat and they ate more!! And you knew your neighbor and your friendship was genuine!!
  • Kids had fun by simply playing outside.
  • I'm still growing up. I have no idea what I will say to my kids when they ask me what growing up was like.
  • Wow. There are so many things that are different it's hard to know where to start. Nothing was instant then. You had to wait for everything. We didn't have video games, we had to use our own imaginations, OUTSIDE. We either walked or rode a bike, no one took us anywhere. You found soda bottles for spending money. We had one phone and one television and that was when I was six and that was black and white. We got three televisions stations and you had to get up to turn the channel. That's what kids were for. The telephone number was 5054. You absolutely did not ask for anything when you went in the store with your mother, and you didn't get anything either. You addressed anyone older than 21 as Mr., Mrs. or Miss. You said excuse me, please, and thank you. Children were not the center of attention, but left the room when adults gathered. We were to be seen and not heard. I got a bread paddle on my behind when I didn't listen or mind. No time outs here and my mother wasn't arrested for it. etc, etc, etc.
  • Prices of EVERYTHING! Also, the cartoons were meant to be FUNY, not educational. Bugs Bunny was never seen as an advocate of violence as he is for todays cartoon ratings. Crazy stuff.
  • the main difference was i never bothered or knew about the aids virus.i brushed left,right and centre.
  • I would've loved to have had access to computers and electronics earlier like children do today. I got my first computer at 13. Kids today can learn them in pre-school...
  • more computer use and video games...cell phones at a younger age...mp3 players/ipods... just in generally a lot more electronics than 15 years ago. i think its a great thing, however, students are getting soooooo distracted from their school work. parents should monitor that use a lot more.
  • We used to use our creativity, our imaginations..we didn't have "stuff" to amuse us and keep us riveted for hours on our derrieres doing mindless things..we used to make forts out of empty appliance boxes..we used to be outside all day long playing games, riding bikes, having fun. Our childhoods were just's kids grow up much too fast, often with the blessing/encouragement of their parents..which is why they look for something, anything to excite them when they are growing up because they are already so jaded by having everything given to them. We had glorious childhoods..the kids today are very deprived of the basics..sure, they are overwhelmed with gadgets and things and toys and the newest, the latest, the fancy labels..none of which mean anything in terms of character developement or intellectual growth, not to mention independent thought and problem-solving abilities..they expect computers and calculators to do everything for them..ipods,cell phones, you name it they have it. How sad. :(
  • 8-8-2017 Notice how skinny everybody is. That is because they got out of the house after breakfast and didn't come back until they got hungry. Notice the kid sucking on a pistol in the presence of a presidential candidate. Notice the pistol does not have an orange plug in the barrel. Notice there are no cops in the picture.

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