• I wouldn't mind too much. If they need to get that then fine by me. I have nothing to hide.
  • We would no longer be dating.
  • I'd want to know why the hell she would be interested in my wallpaper !!
  • I wouldn't care a bit.Can't be too careful now days.
  • Considering the psycho my ex turned out to be... I wish I had.
  • I'd feel like... HELLO...!! I am not James Bond...!! ...:)
  • careful never hurt.
  • Thanks for the idea. I knew you were good for something.:-)
  • I have thought about this before. Many people date olice officers or lawyers ( well at least a few date lawyers, okay 1 or 2 maybe) I would bet that they get background checks ran on them. There are many websites that can run checks and they are cheap consideribg what you can get.
  • I'd be okey with a crimminal backround check, but I think a fiscal check would be crossing a line.
  • It wouldn't matter to me, one cannot be too careful. Maybe you give her reason to do that; think about what you have done to give her possible reasons for that. If you know that she knows you had a shady past, can you blame her? I'm not accusing you, just generally speaking.
  • i would ask them why they were running a background check, and if u found out then it is not a very good back round check is it
  • I've got nothing to hide. I would feel he is being careful and thinking seriously about US.
  • A person I was dating did run a background check on me before we started dating. He told me and it just didnt bother me. There was nothing for him to see. Nothing wrong with being cautious especially if that person is going to be around your children.
  • I did run a background check on my roommate before moving in with him (he doesn't know it.) He is a good roommate and I've lived with him for a few years now. I guess I would feel my date is organized and prudent, and would guess he's been burnt in the past. I can't really be offended, especially when anyone can do it anyway. I'd probably do it on him right back. I would just feel oddly examined. Of course I have nothing to hide. If I had a bad history then I'd feel revealed and would be talking a lot about that if I'm not immediately rejected.
  • I'd be happy someone took the same precaution I do :)
  • It doesn't bother me, I have nothing to hide. I would also tell her that she could have saved money if she just asked me about my past.
  • I would proceed with caution! Who does that?!
  • I would wonder what I did that made them doubt me. But it wouldnt stop me from liking them. Actually, a cheap quick way to find out if someone is or has been in trouble with the police or sheriff. Is to go to LASD inmate information and run the first initial of either their last name and the full spelling of what you guess of the way their other name is spelled. That website i.e. LASD use to tell you what their offense was too. But now it just lets you know if they've been in jail recently or are in jail now anywhere in Los Angeles County. San Diego and Ventura Sherriffs have a similar website called "Whos is jail ". I assume the rest of the Counties in the US have some free similar service. Hope that helps gave you 1 pt i.e. 35 to 36 pts.
  • It wouldn't bother me at all, as long as they are willing to undergo the same.
  • I would feel it was a little strange and maybe I would get a little annoyed but oh well I have nothing to hide.
  • If you asked me that 20 years ago, I would have answered this very differently as in "How dare he??????!!!!!!!" and have been very indignant. Nowadays, I'm not sure I would be that upset....unless, of course I had something to hide. Then again it does say something about that person's suspicious nature and also something about the quality of communication between you. But still, if I didn't like it that they did it, I would just not see them anymore instead of wasting energy on indignation.
  • To me, it would indicate a trust issue. Trust is necessary to build the foundation of a relationship. If the person can't simply ask me questions and trust my responses, what can I expect when real trouble hits?
  • I'd be fine as long as he didn't take offence to the one I'd run on him :)
  • if it was a male ..swift kick to the nuts and dump his ass...if it was a female ...good bitch slap and dump her second thoughts about it ...who the hell did they think they were
  • I dont know, sometimes its better to know who you are dating but at the same time, thats up to you to tell that person your business. Hard one, I dont know.

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