• You shouldn't worry about it. Everybody sweats and I have the same problem.
  • Excessive sweating is actually a medical condition. Look it up under There are some shots or some medicines you can take for this condition. See a doctor if it is affecting your everyday life. good luck. Many people who have this condition use remedies you can buy at the pharmacy, such as Certain Dry, and Drysol, but I recommend seeing a doctor first.
  • This condition is called: Primary hyperhidrosis. It the condition characterized by abnormally increased perspiration, in excess of that required for regulation of body temperature. There is controversy regarding the definition of hyperhidrosis, because any sweat that drips off of the body is in excess of that required for thermoregulation. Almost all people will drip sweat off of the body during heavy exercise. Get lots more info here: and And for safety, go check your doctor.
  • I sweat a lot too. I think it is healthy, rather than to stop it. I just change shirts, wash up.
  • I used to have that problem, and it would start in the beginning of the school day. Horrible. I couldn't change, and if I washed my armpits, the spot would still be on my shirt. My mom told me to try putting on the gel deoderant as soon as I get out of the shower. It worked! You should try it, but I can't guarantee success. Good luck to you!
  • i have hyperhidrosis too. i sweat excessively on my hands and armpits and am planning on seeing a doctor asap. you can either get botox or try antipresperints you can even find at walmart. for now i use baby powder before and after i put on deoderant, it helps a lot. and try to not take hot showers since hyperhidrosis means your body is having trouble regulating normal body temperature. i have also tried putting toothpaste on my arm pits, but you have to make sure it is not the gel and NEVER do this after youve shaved bc it will burn, trust me i know lol! hope this info helps and feel free to talk to me about anything bc you are not alone!
  • Go with the 100% Polyester athletic t-shirts. They will keep you dry.
  • First of all if deodorant stopped one from sweating I would not use it because of the chemical used. Try drinking ice water. That is how I did it even as a child when we did not have any air conditioner.

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