• Wrap it up and put it away then in 20 years time sell it as "retro" :o)
  • Yell relly loud "I HATE THIS COMPUTER!!!!!!" and throw it out a ten story window. It's relly fun trust me.^^
  • Donate it to a museum.
  • Use it off the network to do things like type letters, balance your household accounts. Play old cool games on it. Get a flat screen for it though, cause those old monitors suck up the energy.
  • paper weight,boat anchor,target practice
  • My company buys old, working computers and uses them in our business as terminal emulation workstations. We do inventory, sales, payments and even unix email on them. They are harder and harder to find so I am always happy to buy them. Send me an email at or and I will arrange shipping and payment with you. Please let anyone else you know with an old PC to sell have my email address too and I will buy theirs! I usually pay $39 a unit and I cover the shipping cost with our FedEx account. It is nice to recycle your old equipment because you don't want it to end up in a dump! That's not being eco-friendly, now is it? Thank you very much. Christa with Ivan Smith Furniture
  • Install a linux or other unix-like OS and use it as a Web / MySQL / file / media server.
  • I would use it to play older games. :) Some old games doesn't work well with newer hardware, so if you want to play them you NEED an outdated computer. Or maybe install a lightweight Linux distro and use it to surf the web. As The Dean said, if it still have one of those very old CRTs, replace it. Not only for energy saving: these can also harm your eyes (low refresh rates).

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