• Yes i am, i still believe they have a chance to win the elctions. "and by the way i am not affraid of being downrated by the democrat users for my beliefs"
  • Bush White House’s repeated strategic and tactical errors have lowered the credibility of Republican party leaders in general, in fact, Republican party, it's been downhill ever since Bush came to town, and American people have become increasingly untrusting of president Bush and the Republican party, their culture of corruption and cronyism. A party that shocked the mainstream with electoral victory and an aggressive new style, now finds itself consistently on the defensive. Not too optimistic, unless the Republican Party can fundamentally re-educate the American voters about the Constitution and the role of government.
  • Dubya has almost single handedly dismantled the Republican party. Thanks George, we could have never done it without you!
  • I think the government will need 16 years of the Democrats to get the country back to what it should be.That is how much damage has been done.
  • Yes. The less power this group has the better. Conservatism is consummate selfishness, and its demise is refreshing.
  • I'm not a republican, but I believe we will see this party pull itself together. The new leaders will have to discard the ideas and leaders that brought their political party down.
  • They will bounce back. I am not republican but they have been down before.
  • Not at all. People aren't going to be happy with Obama either so the Republicans might have a chance.
  • Even better since Obama showed his real colors this week.

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