• A week to fully read and understand it
  • Depending on how much you read on a daily basis, I say it could be done is a couple of months. But realistically, they say it should it takes about one year.
  • It really depends how hungry are you for the content.
  • One of the times I read the entire Bible took me about three weeks. I had a lot of time on my hands during that time.
  • I feel that you can read the bible many times and always get something new from it to apply to your life. Therefore, it would take a life time.
  • It took me a few months. But not continuously
  • Many people use a program "Through the Bible in a Year" which will - obviously - have you read through in a year. I've done it in a month before - but normally don't necessarily work chronologically, and it might take me a few years to get through it. all.
  • Depends on how fast you read and how closely you want to follow the content. There is a program: Through the Bible in ONe year, which is a great way of reading it quickly enough, but not too quickly.
  • However long you wanted it too. I know several people who read their Bibles through every four months or so. And others who read them through every 6 months, and still more who take the whole year to read it through. And then there are people who intend to read it but never pick the book up.
  • It can be easily read in about one year. That's what I usually do. But it doesn't really matter how fast. It's what you get out of it. If it takes you 2 years but you understand it better, that's fine. If you read it in one month but know nothing, why did you bother?
  • It took me about three or four weeks to read the entire Bible. After I read it, it took me just about as long to go from being a Christian to an Agnostic.
  • depends on how fast of a reader you are and how much time you have to read

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