• Since PepsiCo, Inc. is a public company, anyone is welcome to buy shares in its stock. Theoretically, that could mean that there are some members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who own shares in PepsiCo, Inc., and ultimately own a portion of the company. I have not seen an official statement—from the Church or otherwise—that says the Church itself owns shares in PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Some do. Myself, I have a couple of cans of A&W Root Beer and about 3 quarts of mango nectar. If the question was whether the Church owns Pepsi, no. The Church MAY have investment in some companies and funds which do business with Pepsico, or in which Pepsico has also invested. This is the nature of modern business, especially with the massive number of mergers, takeovers and divestitures over the last 50 years. It is not uncommon for a company audit to list shares of ownership in a competing company, usually courtesy of a division swap. For instance, a Company 1 may sell off Division A to a non-competing company which then merges with Company 3 (a direct competitor to Company 1), while Company 1 still holds some interest in its former division. .
  • Pepsico isn't owned outright, but the LDS church holds a very large percentage of shares in the publicly shared and controlled company. As far as Coca Cola, there has been no record of the church proctors itself owning stake in the company, but of course LDS members may own who knows how much of what companies. The church proctors do though own vast quantities, on record, of Pepsico, which brings in a rather nice profit. A bulk of that profit is what was used to build the temple in Oakland.
  • No, they don't.
  • The church started the Pepsi co. long ago I remember, but now there are alot of share holders. ( I was raised LDS and I know it to be true) But the Word of Wisdom is man made, not God made. The scriptures in the Bible even says not to take anything harmful to your body. So LDS and others just have to try and live healthy lives.
  • Even if they can't find it, it doesn't make it wrong In 1890's there were alot of LDS living in other states, Arizona for one has a history of LDS living there in the early 1800's, they even have pioneer parades for it. I also know a family that had LDS ancestors living in Navada as far back as 1823, I remeber years ago the church officials even admitted to owning the pepsi co. they also said even though we didn't drink pepsi alot of other people did, so it was ok.
  • From what I read it was the coca cola co. but what I read it was a Mormon family who started it. not the church. Suposedly other members bought shares in it. I could not find anything that said the church bought shares.
  • Beneficial Financial Group, Bonneville Communications, Deseret Management Corporation, Zion National Bank are among many companies known by the Government to be owned or controlled by the LDS church. It's a matter of public record. To say the LDS church does not own any corporations is a bold face lie. Actress Joan Crawford willed off her interest in Pepsi to the LDS church, what they did with it is unknown. You can have controlling interest in a publicly traded company, as the LDS church does with many corporations. My bank is owned by the LDS church by their own admission, what I don't understand about the LDS church, is why do they withhold from their members the fact they own or control companies. I have many LDS friends who had no clue all the companies they own until I show them myself. Bonneville is easiest to prove, because of the radio stations it owns; one only has to go to FCC data base to check ownership. When the church owned the Alpha Beta grocery store chain it would not sell prohibited products such as beer & cigarettes. The Alpha Beta chain morphed into Albertson’s, which was acquired by True Value; also LDS owned. Now a member of the church owns the Marriott Corporation, just as Bain Capital is member Mitt Romney. Marriott Corporation profits off porn in their hotel rooms, which in part 10% is tithed to the church, since Marriott is still in good standing with the church, it could be said the LDS church benefits (profits) from the porn industry. It is up to members of the church to decide if they have a problem owning the above mentioned companies and others since they are silent shareholders. But they should not deny the facts, an outsider might wonder what they have to hide. Joseph Smith admitted to congress the church owned or controlled hundreds of companies, also a matter of public record. You can also check out the top 50 Mormon owned stocks on Google. Steve
  • The church has an interest in Pepsi Corp, the bigger question is how much, and does it matter to its members and the general public (the public has already voted). I have never seen any record of them devesting themselves of any portion of Pepsi; My first source was from better informed LDS members over the years, and my own research verified it. At one time the church had a financial interest in half the resturants in our town. The church hides many of its business interest through Nevada Corporations from the general public. My friend was very proud of all the companies the church owned and was impressed I was equally informed; even way back in the 70's the church was worth over $72 billion, only the Catholic church is worth even more. Allot of people are surprised to find out the Catholic church owns a company that makes birth control pills, and owns hospitals that perform late term abortions; Beat that! The information is out there; all you have to do is follow the money trail, which I have been doing for years. The church counts on people being to lazy to do research and ask questions, I for one like to be informed and know owns what & controlling who. Steve
  • Does it really matter. Drink Irn Bru then, it still is owned by a Scottish family namely A G Barr
  • I don't know about Mormons owning Pepsi or if they have stock in Pepsi but I do know that about the time these rumors started it became 'OK' to drink Pepsi.
  • I do not know what part the Mormons have in owning Pepsi but I do know that around the time these rumors started it became 'OK' for Mormons to drink Pepsi.
  • I had heard that Pepsico had entered Russian rubles was accepted on the international market, had to trade pepsi for vodka to resell. I had wondered at the time if the Mormons did own the controlling interest in Pepsico, how could they justify this practice since alcohol is against their beliefs.
  • Ha ha, no! Pepsi is a publicly-owned company. Having said that, I'm sure there are Mormons that own stock on the company
  • I had a missionary companion that owned a lot of Pepsi. He bought at least four two-liters per week, which was kind of annoying because he kept it all in the fridge and it took up a lot of space. ;-)

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