• I don't think it's necessary. The town is not that big and most of the time is spent walking or laying on the beach. Taxis can be found for pretty cheap, and it saves you the trouble of getting into a collision. There should be no hassles, but it depends on what company you use. A mexican rental agency will not give you an issue. A branch of a US agency might. Once again, a US agency will accept a US license, and a mexican agency will accept a $50 bill...
  • It isn't necessary and you might be better served by taxis. Remember that you will need to purchase the insurance as your normal car insurance won't cover it. There is also the problem of dealing with local signs as well as the local police which have been known for hassling the tourists and trying to get get bribes. You can use your US licence at major agencies. You will save yourself a lot of trouble by using taxis if you need to travel far and just walking for the beach locations.
  • If you are going to be in the heart of Cancun, you do not need a car. There are no major issues renting one if you are of legal age and a US drivers license is sufficient. However, consider if you plan to party in Cancun, you will want a 2nd driver on the contract for DD purposes or you will want to be a DD yourself. Do not drink and drive and get arrested in Mexico.

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