• The most you can do is make sure your face is as clean and well exfoliated as possible, it's all too easy to let facial oils and dead skin build up in developing facial hair, which can make things very uncomfortable in very short order. Also, it might do to keep your beard neat and trimmed around the edges at first. Trying to go directly from shaving on a regular basis to growing it out freely not only gives you very little time to get used to it, but also leaves your facial hair without the necessary conditioning to be manageable or comfortable.
  • Well, you can't really avoid all the itching of the beard. But here are some tips that I learned having a beard. Shave properly and regulary when needed. Keep your face clean. Washing your face is a great handy. Keep the beard nice and trim looking. Ignoring the growing beard may result sometimes in itching problems. This are the tips I have in mind when it come to my beard. Hope this helps Eli.=)
  • I had the same problem but my Uncle told me to stick with it and do not shave for at least a month and the itching would go away. I tried what he said and after about 3 weeks to a month my face did not itch anymore. The key is not to shave at all while the beard is growing in, which once again usually takes a month. You can trim your beard but do not shave! I kept shaving prior to a month, which kept my face itching.
  • just dont grow one if you dont want to

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