• Grandmas treasure box old wooden oval picture on top (usually an outdoor setting) held a special piece of jewerly,old love letters,a special photo, apiece of cloth from a certain dress. Write me a great story. I hope, if my idea helped!
  • do some stream-of-consciousness. Write anything. even if it's "i do not know what to write" over and over. ask your self why. delve into yourself, and then you'll see what's there that needs to come out. trust me.
  • There's one staring you right in the face.... why don't you say what you can't say? Use words to try and find out what that is. Write about being unable to write.
  • Try a writing exercise such as "What is the earliest thing I can remember" or "The neighbours in my street" or "why I don't like summer". Take any phrase like that and write about it and as much as you can. Start another. To write you always have to overcome that first step, it doesn't matter how much you have done before. I am a journalist and everytime I write a new article, same problem. The first sentence. Once that's up and running, the rest flows reasonably well. I write until I stop, print it out, and revise. Never fails. I still get writers block all the time, the key is not to worry about it.
  • How about the power of communication? We use it everyday here on AB. :)
  • things people think of when seeing an ink splotch.
  • Hopefully you'll be over your writer's block by now...since it's been eight months... If not, stand outside, feel the sunshine on you're face. What memories does it bring? There! You have a subject. Open an old book. Smell it. Remember what you felt when you got your first school books? Good luck!

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