• For me, I prefer: 1. Chicken - white meat 2. Pork - other white meat 3. Beef - stays in your system longer
  • They are all as good as the other. It depends on how you prepare them, what cut of meat, whether it is organic or not. And the age has something to do with it. The older the animal the more additives and hormones come into play. For me, I care that chickens are not fed hormones and are butchered at a young age. Beef is around for at least 14-18 months. They are fed much more hormones and additives in their feed. Pork practically grows itself. Today's pork is so lean it's lost it's taste and tenderness. It doesn't really matter which you choose.
  • pork is better
  • Chicken is my first choice and pork next. I do not like the taste of beef. Back in the 1980s my now ex wife and I were vegetarians for several years. Although we protested we finally had to give in and eat some steak. It was the worst tasting thing you could imagine. Today I may eat the occasional hamburger but in general I still do not like the taste of beef especially steak. I prefer buffalo any day over beef.
  • 3-21-2017 Study some books about nutrition so you know what "healthy" means and how to attain it.

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