• Some do, but the issue of horsepower is all rather moot. All motorcycles in this category have more than enough horsepower to do the job they are intended to do: carry one or two people on long-distance excursions, with their luggage and, possibly, towing a light trailer. My car, for example, has a two-litre engine and is the second most powerful car that I have owned over the past 30 years. One can purchase motorcycles with the same engine volume, though I rather suspect that the motorcycle has more horsepower on tap. Horsepower is not an issue with cruisers, but rider comfort and manoeuvrability certainly are.
  • Because the cruisers are under performing. Street bikes with smaller engines are delivering much more horsepower. Cruisers need to stop making bigger motors, and deliver more power.
  • Too much lying going on.

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