• I want to go back to Japan one day and live in Kyoto so that we will be near my Fiance's family.
  • So many places, so little time and money. I have a real passion for India and Asia. I would love to travel the old silk road. And just because I have always wanted to go there, I would love to go explore Antarctica.
  • I would love to visit Japan, Antarctica, the Amazon Rainforest, and parts of Europe.
  • Well I live in London and have only been to the states a couple of times, so I suppose I would like to go back, maybe to Hollywood or something. I have always wanted to go to Fiji, and also Brazil.
  • Most of the world. I would really like to visit many places with a guide who could explain the local customs and is familiar with the native languages. I would love to visit Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Spain, Portugal, Italy, Belize, Peru, Thailand, Cambodia, Egypt, Scotland, Denamrk, Holland, Poland. Maybe more but I can't think of them all now.
  • I wish to return back to South Africa where my girlfriend lives. Its been 7 months since I last saw her and a few days from when we last talked.
  • Europe definately! So many places - Venice,Tuscany and Spain.

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